A 1940's noir horror themed Role Playing Game for PC.

---> It Lurks! Chapter One, v1.7, is available now to download and play, for free. Click Here! <---

Meet Nate Hendricks, a Private Detective who's a bit down on his luck.

Business has been slow. Too slow. The bills are piling up, and he may have to soon close-up shop. He just needs a break. Perhaps one good well-paying case could help him turn things around.

Then one evening, he gets a call from a Doctor Offenhauser who wants to hire him. The Doc doesn't give many details over the phone, but insists it's an urgent matter that can't wait, and that he'll pay very handsomely, even just for Nate to show up to his residence that night to discuss matters personally.

"Sure, why not?", Nate thinks. Even if he decides not to take the case, he'll still get a bit of much-needed cash to help pay off a few of the bills.

Nate goes to the Doctor's secluded estate that night. But things soon take a turn for the worse. In fact, something sinister lurks within. It lurks, and it waits!

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*Update June 30th, 2014: Whew! I'm soooo tired. (I put in about 500+ hours this month making this game, with little sleep.) :p But also excited. Chapter One of my It Lurks game is now ready and just submitted (last day to the deadline) to the big Indie Game Maker Contest. Please visit my game's entry page for the contest at:


I hope you'll enjoy it. Please vote/ like it on the game-entry page to help show your support. I'd update with more details, but, I really need to get some rest soon.


It Lurks! is a game currently in-development by "Lone Wolf" Don McPherson,
a '1-man-team' Independent Game Developer also making the Blade of Rage game.

The first chapter of the It Lurks! game will be submitted to a big game-contest currently underway
(entrants are to make a new game within 1 month, June 2014, for more details of the contest, click here).

After the contest is over, in due time It Lurks! will be developed into a bigger game with more
exciting chapters to experience.

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Thanks! Best wishes, --- Don.

PS: If you have any inquiries about this project, or if you even just wanted to say hi, feel welcome to contact me. ---Don.

Contact email --> itlurks@itlurks.com
Blade of Rage project on Steam Greenlight --> Click Here
Blade of Rage main website: --> Click Here
YouTube Channel --> Click Here SoundCloud Stream --> Click Here
A site for some of my Train-Simulator projects I've made --> RRYard.com
A humorous Adventure-Game I developed (Free) --> Great Stroke Off

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Below are some screenshots from It Lurks!

 Nate's bio page.

On a dark & stormy night, Nate arrives at Doctor Offenhauser's residence.

After knocking and waiting, no one answers. Nate goes in, he is expected after all. "Hey, fancy looking place".
Walls in the foreground will become translucent when you approach them so you can better explore the surroundings.


Elements such as lighting effects, sounds that get louder as you approach the source (such as a fire in a fireplace or a ticking clock),
fitting music for the various locations & scenes, detailed environments and a dark story all blend together
to make a suspenseful horror-themed atmosphere.

The more you explore, more of the story, and mysteries, are revealed.
What might be lurking in the shadows?

An exciting and interactive battle-system.
Quick reflexes and a strategic use of actions can help you to overcome dangerous foes.

Winning battles will gain you experience.
With enough experience you'll level-up, improve your stats and gain new valuable skills.

Chapter One of It Lurks is available to play now, for free!
See the download links toward the top of this page.


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